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Mobile Patrol

May 23, 2012

Doing mobile is a constant dash between locations, either to do a patrol around a property or premise or a lockup. Companies that offer this service have the route laid out so that you don’t have a minute to spare, not even for a coffee break or lunch and the typical shift will be at least 80 different locations. Some companies will even do 10 hour shifts, working four days on with three days off, if they deem it cost effective to clients. They suggest that you drive the speed limit but this rarely happens since if your delayed for some reason your behind the 8 ball to complete the route and have to have a good reason why you did’nt finish it in the allotted time. I have been told by older mobile drivers that they have seen 148 locations that they had to service on some route but this is a rarity.


You could also be doing dispatch while doing mobile, but most times if you get a call for an alarm it will come in from one of the many alarm companies dispatch offices located mostly in Vancouver. If you are a number two car on the companies mobile fleet you could be stood down to guard a premise if the company can not find another guard to take over this position. Be ready to stayed bored if your guarding a ATM machine that has gone off line or at a bank where the alarm can not be set. You could also be doing a host of other security jobs.


A few pointers for new mobile security operators.

1. Drive the speed limit. The companies are not, like any other company going to pick up your speeding tickets or any other ticket for that matter.

2. When doing a patrol of site or premise, walk at a normal pace. Running might make it look like your doing a good job by finishing early, but in all actual fact your tempting fate, plus your ruining for others that might follow in your footsteps.

3. Don’t use a cellphone while driving. Use a Bluetooth voice activated system to answer calls.

4. Security companies will over book your route. What this mean to you is that you will not have time for a coffee break or lunch. Take a lunch, regardless. It’s your right.

5. Security companies are not going to put senior guards on mobile unless they request it. Your stuck with it as a newbie, at the lousy competitive rate and it will burn you out if you are not use to night shift and they can range from between 8 to 10 hour shifts. Say good bye to the sun.


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