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Do Not Believe The Hype

May 28, 2012

Being a security guard in BC is not everything that it is cracked up to be. Not even close. It is mostly hype from the companies that promise you a lot and deliver nothing, which includes lousy wages and lousy working conditions, by which I mean, if your new to this occupation ( don’t consider it as a career ) that you will be working the graveyard shift until the ranks of the more senior employees thin out and they move on, since some of them will get disgusted with the management that run the companies and believe me all security companies regardless of what they call themselves are all the same.

Here’s a few things that you should know.

1. The course to become a security guard in BC will run you between $300.00 to $350.00. You will have to get over 80% on the final exam.

2. You will have to have a Security check ( Criminal Records Check ) done by the commissioner’s, as well, you will be fingerprinted. If you have ever been charged with any sort of crime, be it a misdemeanor or drug related offence, forget about even applying. You will also be charged a fee for these services, regardless if you have already been fingerprinted or had a CRC done by a police force.

3. You will also have to pay our government an annual $60.00. This just another tax grab by the government and does nothing for the occupation. It does probably cover the production of the card which costs less that $0.25 to produce and the union wages of the staff at the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General Policing and Community Safety Branch, Security Programs and Police Technology Division.

4. I know that if your hired by Securiguard that after three months they offer “Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits, Group Insurance Benefits, Vision Care Benefits“. They won’t be paying a penny of the coverage like most companies in other industries do. You will be picking up the full cost of all these.

5. Another thought you should consider is this. Minimum wages have gone up in British Columbia whereas wages for Security Guard wages has gone down. Minimum wages were at one time $8.50 and guards were making at the bare minimum  $12.00 per hour but over the past two years the base rate for a guard has fallen to $10.50, either because the Security companies have got greedy or that the largest employer for guards ( The BC  Provincial Government) has told the security companies they don’t want guards making anything more than $10.50 on their sites or both. Minimum wages in BC at present are at $10.25. This does’nt give the guards much incentive to do their job correctly or want to be a guard in the first place.

6. Another area that you will really have to watch is how the schedule you over the course of two weeks, since all security companies hate, or should I say detest paying overtime if they can absolutely get away it and to do this the use “averaging, unless of course you have be guaranteed  40 hours a week and this will only happen if your in the senior ranks of the company or on special assignment.

Here is an example.

1st week you have a total of 60 hours. This means that your next week you will only be scheduled to work 20 hours, probably less since most shifts are in an 8 hour duration, totalling 80, plus or minus, hours. The only times that you might see this change is at Christmas/Boxing Day and other statuary holidays.


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  1. Zapple permalink

    I’m no sure if you still updating this website, but I would love to talk to you about something I’m starting to work on for a project I been wanting to do for a long time.
    I used to work in the security industry in BC for 3 years until I had to leave it *I had a nerves breakdown on one site* anyway, I will leave my email in the email box.


    • Zapple permalink

      “I’m not sure if you’re still updating this website but I would love to talk to you about something I’m working on for a project I bee wanting to do for a long time.
      I used to work in the security industry in BC for 3 years, until I had to quit it do to all the BS *I had a nerves breakdown one day on site*
      Anyway, I will leave my email in the email-box.

      Thanks for reading.

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