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Does Size Matter In A Security Company. Big Is Not Always Better

January 2, 2013

Does size matter in a security company?  It does if you want to make more money being a security guard.

Most larger security firms have high over head, meaning not only the size of the management team but also what the rent or lease and this will have a direct bearing on what they are going tp pay you.

Take for instance the company that leases out a large ground floor that is a satellite office that has a lot of wasted space and has a fleet of car for their mobile patrols as well as having a local boss that needs a secretary, as well as a person in Human Resources and someone in payroll and a scheduler and what ever else the company thinks it needs. These companies are going to pay you the bottom rate, regardless of what you do since for every contract they get over 20%  to 30% of that contract goes to administration leaving very little for the company to give you more than their crappy base rate which has’nt changed in 6 years and sits about at $10.50.

Take on the other hand a company that is run out of a run down house and might have two mobile units. One person does at least two or more jobs in administration, sometimes three and it not worried about the office per-say since most of what that person does can be done by mobile computer and a cellphone. That company if they value his guards can start you off at $12.00  per hour and senior employees can be making as much as $15.00 per hour doing static guards positions.

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